Christopher Stuart Wilson

       During the economic crash of 2008, funding from non-artistic sources came to a halt, due to final lay offs at the mechanic shop I was still working at part time. However, commission requests were still coming in, and creative new ideas were still blossoming.

       Economic instability eventually caused commission requests to drop, and inquiries to galleries and museums were fruiting little success. Suffering emotional depression from a pending divorce from my then wife, I continued to seek creative new ways to endure the chaos around me.

       Supported by close friends and family emotionally, I managed myself on savings and the occasional small commission requests of Magic: The Gathering collectible card alterations. An artistic practice where painters "alter" a collectible card to increase it's uniqueness, and ultimately the value to it's owner, as a form of status in the competitive gaming arena.

Under Sphere Portal (acrylic paint on 36"x24" canvas)

[private collector]

      It all pretty much started in high school, and shortly there after... were more opportunities. By the time I was fifteen years old, I had already been drawing for over ten years, then arriving to Mountain View High School, I began to paint and express my art in new, more advanced ways.

       In my junior year of public high school, I was awarded scholarship to the Marie Walsh-Sharpe Foundation's Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs 2002. The above two images were in the portfolio submitted to the program. Those images, along with a few others, coupled with persistent follow ups by my encouraging father, got me into one of the most intensive, and most exclusive art programs offered to young artists at the time.

       The Marie Walsh-Sharpe Foundation functioned by means of a fund left by the late widowed Marie Walsh-Sharpe. Founded by Joyce Robinson, the foundation grants acceptance to 63 high school juniors per year, and invited the accepted applicants to take part in an intensive learning experience of knowledge, necessary to becoming a successful artist today.

       Broken down into three, two week seminars of 21 students each, on site mentoring and instruction by two working artist professionals, plus a staff of experienced college professors and interns, equipped with room & board and complimentary cafeteria buffet provided by Colorado College. All expenses paid for by the Marie Walsh-Sharpe Foundation. Including in depth training of techniques on drawing, painting, live nude drawing, studio anatomy sculpting, plein aire painting, and studio painting techniques, and palettes. After that it was back to Tucson to finish up public high school.


After negotiating my first commercial contract, I was hired as lead artist for the project called Nostos [the Greek word for homecoming] presented by Wolfgang and Sons.  The illustrations I created were used for the self contained, small box, table-top card game inspired by Homer's Odyssey. Players play cards as heroes of the Trojan War on their Nostos "journey" across Greek myths, during their passage home.

While finishing the last illustrations for Nostos, My first solo showcase happened in my home town of Tucson at the historic Hotel Congress downtown. Not exactly a gallery, but rater a historic downtown Tucson hot-spot and honored accomplishment in the Tucson local art scene. The title of the show: Angels & AEther. 2012

I unveiled four new pieces, along with a selection of other works that fit the theme of the Angels and AEther show. This theme would later inspire the Keepers of Perception, the Scions, and writings for Metroploton.

Extracurricular proofs of concept that I am also exploring are: Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and Animals Doing Human Things.

       The unfinished studio study (shown above) was painted with acrylic paint on canvas panel during my time at Marie Walsh Sharpe in 2002. The painting is an interpretation of Salvador Dali's Enigmatic Elements in a Landscape. It is an old apprentice practice that helps guide budding artists to technique, by duplicating a master's work. This approach to developing technique is one that even noted artist Salvador Dali practiced himself, in the early years of his career.

       I return to this technique later

in my art career with my series:

Modernizing the Masters.

By 2012, I had a fresh new opportunity windfall thanks to Wolfgang and Sons, a then brand new, Tucson local start up organization, that approached me to illustrate a new table top card game they were developing.

Buzz Pawstrong Deep Space Feline vs. Fluffy, the Cat-hattan Kingpin 2016

Artemis Challenging the Chaotic Evolution of Nature


[private commission]

After attending the centennial celebration for the late artist Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia, in Tucson, Arizona, 2009, and I became freshly inspired. I began to explore and assimilate concepts and techniques inspired by my southwestern predecessors and contemporaries.

Date Night:

The Most Interesting Man in The World & Zeena

Photo featuring from left to right: Christopher Stuart Wilson, Daniel Leeson, and Alex Greengaard aka the "Wolfgang"

Open calls to painters, performers, and musician artists alike, Wolfgang and Sons, with my help as art director and event coordinator, we put on two non-profit charity benefit showcases that empowered other emerging Tucson artists with the confidence of great attendance and actual sales, while simultaneously raising donations to the charity Child's Play, and later helped fund the purchase LPFM Downtown Radio Tucson's radio tower antenna. The radio station can be heard now live at 99.1FM in Downtown Tucson.

       After High School I found a job as a parts and equipment runner for a mechanics shop in Tucson, at a local construction company called U.S. Carpentry, and utilized it to fund my art projects and personal freedom.

       During my nights and weekends "off" from full time employment at U.S. Carpentry, I began to develop a series of paintings that aimed to evoke a kind of abstract expressionism with an impressionistic filter to the surreal. The goal is to incorporate psudo-figurative style into non-objective, intuitive, moment guided picture vignettes that could work as a kind of window to the inner-workings of my own imagination.

       The paintings became known as the Elementals, from which the series gets it's name. A series that was a surprising instant-success, purchased by a private collector at a reunion gala in Tucson. This success continued to fruit more commissions, and furthered my artistic path into more abstract concepts that explored a kind of "aetheric" space that my Elemental series evoked.

       As a member of Wolfgang and Sons, we would continue working on a number of projects together including arts and music events with Hotel Congress, as well as The Rialto Theatre.

       Our most notable accomplishment together is Tucson's Fine Art 5cents. An event production that creates a service to the community by providing a platform for visual artists and musicians to showcase and sell their work in a marketplace that is receptive to what Tucson local creatives have to offer. 2014 & 2015


Questions, Comments, or Concerns please contact  Chris Wilson by email: 

Art Ninjas' Mobile Textline (text only):  1-520-808-7664 

SurReal Self Portrait

(graphite drawing on 8.5"x11" paper) 2002

I painted the water color dream portrait above, after returning to Tucson from Marie Walsh-Sharpe, during my senior year, before graduating in 2003. I submitted the above piece to Solar Culture Gallery, achieving my first ever gallery representation at 18 years of age. Solar Culture is a community gallery space for over 25 years in downtown Tucson's Historic Art's District. I still unveil select paintings and exhibits through Solar Culture to this day.

       Now, I continue my life as a working artist, traveling and showcasing my artwork throughout the United States with my life partner and fellow artist Holly Randall of Flying Frog Illustration. I am currently exploring new, pop culture themed parodies, and social commentaries, with the goal to enrich, enliven, entertain, and hopefully inspire my audience in new subtle and profound ways.

       My work is primarily seen by a massive public audience at Comic Conventions throughout the Western United States. My  first ever Comic Convention was with Holly along with our friend and fellow colleague Alex Greengaard, founder of Wolfgang and Sons, during Tucson Comic-Con's 7th annual pop culture extravaganza in 2014.

       Traveling to Comic Conventions and Fan Expos is hands down what helped inspire my iconic series Modernizing the Masters.

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Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge

(acrylic paint on 22"x24" canvas panel) 2017

Christopher Stuart Wilson

Born: December 22nd, 1984 O'odham Cuk ᚢon, Tucson Viejo Mexico, Tucson Arizona, USA, Earth demention C 367.

The Nameless One

(acrylic paint on 24"x36" canvas) 2002

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