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FANTASTIC: The #1 most heard compliment from fans of the artist that juxtuposes modern pop culture icons with art history's top culture icons.

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Here you will find ways to purchase Real Fantastic Art by Christopher Stuart Wilson.

Here you will find all social media links and domains to fellow colleagues, comrades, friends, and noted organizations.

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REAL: as in the real world; not digital; crafted by human hand technique with traditional media; never traced; because we can; the real thing.

Here you will find the home to Modernizing The Masters, Parody Portraits, and fun-unique pop culture, and social commentary roasts...

Here you will find the home to The Keepers of Perception, the beginning seeds of Metroploton, and other philosophical, sci-fi & fantasy concepts...

Here you will find a historical timeline of Wilson's art journey beginnings, career start, and projects that he's had "the honor to participate in."

ART: because that's what were here for.

Need we say more?..

Okay we will.