Christopher Stuart Wilson

Art Career History

Here you will find the home to Modernizing The Masters, Parody Portraits, Animals Doing Human Things, and more more more

I am a working artist that creates Real Fantastic Art in traditional painting media. The current focus of my work is on my art series called Modernizing the Masters.

Modernizing the Masters is a growing collection of artworks that reinvents some of art history's most famous paintings by parodying them with the public eye's subconscious of pop culture iconography. Low-brow puns and suggestive titles to the artworks, create fun new paradigms. I am pretty much like a Weird Al Yankovic with a paint brush right now.

My Modernizing the Masters series has been a notable success for me as an emerging artist.

Like a band that plays cover songs, Modernizing the Masters has been a wonderful connection tool for me to enage with my audience, while I brand my signature as an artist, and introduce fans of my paintings to other original concepts that  orbit to the tune of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Surreal/Cerebral art-scapes.

Once I finish a few more pieces to the Modernizing the Masters collection, I have plans to publish a book that may serve as a contemporary educational tool for art/art history teachers, art appreciators, historians, and of course for the general public to enjoy.

-Chris Wilson (Artist)

Real Original Concepts

Fantastic Museum Parodies

Here you will find a historical timeline of my story, art beginnings, career start, and notable projects that helped form the beginning of my journey as an artist.

Here you will find artist statements and concepts for The Keepers of Perception, the beginning seeds of Metroploton, and other philosophical, sci-fi, fantasy, & SurReal concepts...